New York Model Management (New York, NY, United States) Modeling Agency

Opened in 1995, New York Model Management is a young, dynamic modeling agency committed to promoting prestigious talent and exciting new faces to the fashion industry.

Sister to L.A. MODELS, an established full-service agency on the United States' West Coast, and L.A. TALENT, a television and commercial agency for beauty in Hollywood, New York Model Management currently is one of the top 5 agencies in New York. Some of the top models represented by New York Models include Chiharu Okunugi, Liberty Ross, Olga Sherer, Querelle, and Tess Hellfeuer, as well as the upcoming stars – Sarah Brannon, Sanne Vloet, Anna Grostina, Ana Cristina, and Florence Kosky. Their men's division has male stars Ed Wilding, Ben Bowers, Gryphon O’Shea, Daisuke, Thiago Santos, and Harvey James.

New York Model Management's international staff brings a wealth of fashion savvy and experience to anticipate trends in fashion. Its owner, Heinz Holba, started L.A. Models in 1985, after many years of running agencies in Canada and Southern California.

Cory Bautista, Director and co-owner of New York Model Management, started his career in Miami with Ford Models where he was the youngest Director of any agency and handling models such as Valeria Mazza, Ines Sastre, Patricia Velasquez and Naomi Campbell. He now handles the top names in the business as well as rising stars that are featured in advertising campaigns and editorials for prestigious brands such as Ralph Lauren, Shiseido, H&M, Italian Vogue, Marc Jacobs, Lanvin, Stella McCartney, and the list goes on.

Marion Smith, the Vice President of New York Models, started in 1969 at Ford Models, working under Eileen Ford. While there, Marion became President and handled such supermodels as Christy Brinkley, Rachel Hunter, Jerry Hall, Elle Macpherson, Naomi Campbell and Bridget Hall, just to name a few before joining Heinz in 2001 in running the New York office of New York Models.

As it continues to develop top talent and promote to clientele worldwide, New York Model Management grows in renown, respected for its professionalism, creativity, and dedication to the present and future of fashion.

New York Model Management (New York, NY, United States) Modeling Agency

New York Model Management (New York, NY, United States) Modeling Agency

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